Friday, May 29, 2009


As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'll be back in Greece this summer (June 28-July 18) and in Amsterdam July 19-23. If you're a blogger, reader, or just love fashion and want to meet, send me an e-mail at, I'd love to meet all you fashionistas overseas!

This also being my first time in Amsterdam, I'm not sure where to visit (bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping, museums, etc.) so leave me a comment or send me an e-mail of places I shouldn't miss. I hear Amsterdam is great for vintage - send me some shopping tips!

Oh, and while on the topic of the Netherlands, I've been featured on the dutch website Girlscene! Read the article here (if you speak/read Dutch).


  1. Wish I lived somewhere cool :] hahah

    Could a be a loser & ask what font you used in the "Summer 2009" bit? It's SOOOO great xx

  2. oh I envy you I love greece! and I'd love o go to the netherlands as well...

  3. that is so amazing that you're going to greece, you have 2 post pics. Also I luv the blue blouse in the previous post :)

  4. You're going to Amsterdam? How nice! I live in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is such a great place.
    If you want to know something you can mail me!

  5. greece and amsterdam??? i could NOT be more jealous!!!

  6. Amsterdam is so cool! If you like to eat fish, You need to go to 'Visaandeschelde'. The restaurant is so lovely and the fish is so fresh. Love the place! Restaurant 'T'sluisje' is hilarisch! good food and good entertaining in the weekends. You wil be entertaint by dragqueens. It;s very funny!
    And you realy take a tour on the waters of amsterdam! It will take an our on you will learn al the history of Amsterdam. It will cost arround 10 euro.
    And you have to shop at lush in the Kalverstraat. And for very luxury items (desinger clothing ect.) you need to go to the P.C.Hoofdstraat. Realy you gonna love Amsterdam! Ones you've been there, you want to go again! :D
    Have fun!

  7. Hi Antonia!
    I'm the girl who wrote the article about you on The comments are very positive : ) They really like those black heels you're wearing and think the pictures are beautiful.

    Have fun in Amsterdam! It's a GREAT city. While you're in the Netherlands, you might go and visit an other big city nearby Amsterdam (Den Haag, The Hague in English). You can go with the train, you'll be there in about 60 minutes. I live nearby The Hague and I might even like The Hague better then Amsterdam.

    If you want to know more about Amsterdam/other cities/places and how to get there or if you want to learn some Dutch words, send me a message on my blog !

    doei (= bye in Dutch) x

  8. Hi! I totally love your blog, I am from Holland and Amsterdam is soo great!! You will have a great time over there!

    I have a question for you, i just started a blog today, so how can I make my blog open, so everybody can see it.. can you see my blog?
    Please leave a reaction.

    Doei doei! XX

  9. sweet! amsterdam too? too lucky!

  10. i'm Dutch! I'll email you! i also went to Amsterdam.

  11. Hi!
    Thanks for your reaction, now I know it's working, because google keeps telling me my profile isn't for public.

    But when you go to Amsterdam : great city!! There are a lot of shops. You have like one large street the kalverstraat, there is the normal shops like Zara, Bershka and 3 times a H&M you also have the River Island in the Kalverstraat. When you're looking for more like vintage shops then you should absolutely go to ' de negen straatjes' in english : the 9 streets. You should google it. There you will find 2 Laura Dols. Amazing vintageshops and there is a episode, zipper. Those are amazing shops if you love vintage. If you like more the normal stores then you should shop in the Kalverstraat.

    When you are like an designerclothes lover then you have to shop in the PC Hooftstraat. (I can't afford it) but maybe you can.?

    So those 3 things are nice, you have the Kalverstraat, that street is next to the dam, a big square with a palace. And that square is also next to other cool streets. And you have like this big big shopping house : DE BIJENKORF. You should see that to!

    Now you know what to do!
    If you have any questions just ask!


  12. Lucky! I've always wanted to go to Greece. Awesome blog.


  13. amsterdam is amaaaazing,
    lucky youu

  14. aw wow i hope you have an amazing time!! wish i was there too.


  15. I saw you on girlscene:)!
    Go to the '9 straatjes' lot's of lovely vintage shops. Have fun! xx

  16. I'm so jealous! But I hope you'll have a great time :)

  17. PS.


  18. I love your blog! I live in The Netherlands too. Amsterdam is amazing! Are you going to fashion week?

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  20. I love fashionblogs!
    I found your blog on Girlscene! I'm Dutch.

  21. Lucky!!! SO unfair! I hope you have a great time!

    xox, mavi

  22. I don't think i'll be going. All my friends are on vacation and i don't wanna go alone you know haha.

  23. It's a shame, but I've never been in Amsterdam!
    I really want to go, but I've never actually been there. I've heard too that you can shop great vintage over there. But I now some places from a site, I'll mail you it.

  24. Uhmmm...don´t go to Kalverstraat. That´s the worst commercial street you can go to.

    I´ll send you an e-mail with ´secret´ vintage shops and a few well known (vintage) shops / streets, not really known by tourists. :)

    Best Wishes!

  25. I agree with Jack Daniel, skip Kalverstraat. It's the usual High Street cr*p.

    Every monday and saturday there is the Noordermarkt, with great vintage stuff.

    9 Straatjes (9 streets that are off the kalverstraat, they have vintage stores, cute boutiques and so on here are some great tips as well.

    Some other tourist stuff
    See Nachtwacht @ Rijksmuseum
    FoAm (Foto Museum Amsterdam)
    Anne Frank House

  26. Definitely go to Noordermarkt on mondaymornings!

    Waterlooplein market also has really nice second hand things.

    It's so much better than the pre-selected things at the vintage shops at 9 Straatjes (though theyre always nice to browse); you have to dig a little deeper before you find something at the market, but then average prices are from 2,50€ for a dress, as opposed to 25€ in those other shops.

  27. Hi Antonia,
    i come from holland and when i am in Amsterdam i go to shop vintage in the; ''9 straatjes'' the nine streets, in the ''wolvenstraat'' there is a amazing shop called ''laura dolls''. on the ''huidenstraat'' there is another vintage store called ''zipper''. in that area there are so many vintage shops. on mondaymorning there is the ''noordermarkt'' and there is a market ''het waterlooplein''.
    so i wish you good luck and have a nice journey!

  28. Hi!
    Love your blog!
    i live in Amsterdam, and you'll love it!
    everybody's already named most of the vintage shops, they're amazing!
    it's a shame, but i'm on holiday otherwise i would've loved to meet you..
    have fun!

    XX Lili