Friday, December 31, 2010


My landscape has changed quite drastically since my last post; towering skyscrapers and busy streets have been replaced by empty
snow-covered fields that disappear into the horizon. I'm excited to be celebrating New Year's in Manitoba with my close family
and friends, but am thrilled to spend 2011 in my new home: New York City.
H&M sweater ● Zara belt ● Club Monaco skirt ● Joe Fresh tights
I love the pearl embellished pockets on this H&M sweater!
I'm very excited for the new year, 2011 already holds many exciting new things for me, a few of which I hope to share with you very soon! Until then, I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday - thank you so much to all my readers, your are inexplicably fabulous! xo Antonia

Monday, December 20, 2010


I safely made it to Winnipeg, and am pleasantly surprised by the great weather we're getting for this time of year (by great
I mean "warm" at -10°C/14°F)! I didn't think I'd be missing NYC so much, and it's really got me thinking about what I now consider
'home' (above is a photo taken in October near my apartment). Lots to ponder over the next few weeks, and although I am beyond excited to spend some
quality time with my amazing family, I can't help by anxiously await my return to Manhattan. You can take the girl out of NYC...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The perfect shade of pink, short skirt with a raw hem, and voluminous one-shouldered sleeve made this Lanvin ♥ H&M piece a must for me!
My beautiful friend Jaclyn from Stepping in Stilettos gave me this frog ring as an early Christmas gift. So adorable! Go check out her blog
Lanvin  H&M dress  gifted frog ring (The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle) ● Rachel Rachel Roy pumps
I haven't decided if I'm going to wear this dress to Clay's film screening tonight (it's his first short film and I'm very excited!). I'll be finishing
up exams and projects this week in NYC and then I'm flying to Winnipeg to enjoy the holidays with my family. Expect posts with lots of snow in the upcoming weeks! ~A

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


By now my regular readers know I'm no stranger to bold, vibrant colors, so of course I'm obsessed with this editorial,
minimalist silhouettes capture the best trends from the Spring 2011 collections.

Anyways, I should be back to regular outfit posts this weekend now that I've completed four of my six finals! I have some fun
new pieces I've been wanting to share with you guys! xoxo Antonia

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ever since I moved to NYC, I've become a self-proclaimed apartment addict. After becoming increasingly obsessed with interiors,
I now spend my time in between studies daydreaming as I compulsively rifle through interior decor mags and design blogs.
Although I'm a student on a (painfully tight) budget, I've been thinking of ways to make me and Clay's tiny Upper East Side studio
a little more glam (and a lot more colorful!). Here are a few interiors that have been inspiring me lately:
I love the bold, saturated colors mixed with muted jewel tones. Such a fun, eclectic mix of color, print, and texture! Source: Civility Design
I love this chic interior designed by Vancouver-based interior design and home furnishings company, The Cross Design and Decor.
Such a perfect mix of sophistication with a feminine flare.

I'll definitely have to take part in some extreme thrifting and DIYing if I want our place to be anywhere close to these beautiful spaces!
Right now I'm looking for a great temporary wallpaper in a selection of prints (damask, floral, geometric designs). I've already looked into Tempaper,
but if you guys know of any others, let me know! Also, I'd love to know your favorite interior design blogs! xo Antonia

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What do you do to alleviate stress when you're not feeling your best self? A cup of calming green tea, or a maybe hot date
with two lovely gentleman, Mr. Ben and Jerry? Perhaps yoga and meditation? 

Me? I beeline to Bergdorf's. 

It's no secret the luxury department store is world-renowned for it's unparalleled window displays, but the
holiday-inspired fenĂȘtres are magestic dream worlds meticulously crafted by Bergdorf Goodman's expert visual team.
If you have the privilege of viewing the appropriately titled "Wish You Were Here" 2010 holiday windows, you will experience an ethereal journey
to a fantasy land that can only be achieved by the creative and imaginative fusion of fashion and art.
The Scenic Route
Full Speed Ahead
Day Tripping
My favorite window; the detail is beyond. Do you see the jeweled iguana? He's so handsome!
A Guided Tour
Ready For Takeoff

Sources: 5th/58th

Which window(s) inspire you? Visit the Bergdorf Goodman blog, 5th/58th for more photos and
videos featuring the elaborate construction of the "Wish You Were Here" display!