Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Arrived in Athens yesterday and made our way to our hotel in Moschato. It's beautiful and the staff is so friendly! We settled into our room and then I was finally able to satisfy my frappe cravings! They're seriously too good.
I don't have any exciting outfit posts yet, I've been in a swimsuit since we arrived in Greece! However, I did buy an adorable skirt and tank from H&M today that I can't wait to wear out! Anyways it's 3:40 PM here and I need a siesta nap! I'll talk to you all soon, leave some love!


  1. wow... sounds like youre having so much fun, the water looks amazing! and your swimsuit looks so cute. hope you don't get too sunburnt! looking forward to seeing the purchases
    xx brooke

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  3. Welcome to Europe (pretty stupid to say that, considering how far away Finland is :D)! I'm soo jealous!! I loove Greece and that beach looks amazing! (though I can't complain, Finland is probably almost as hot at the moment!) love the sunnies & bikinis darling! Enjoy!

    p.s. had to delete the earlier comment, it was so full of typos it was embarissing! though this one probably is too... I'm so exhausted from the heat I can't consentrate at all :D!

  4. Water looks amazing! Have a good time in Greece, wish I was on holiday now..
    That frappucino looks nice (:


  5. I can't begin to tell you how much I want to be there right now. It looks amazing!!!!

  6. *die of envy*

    have the best time :)

  7. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your trip!!! sounds like you are having an amazing time, when you get a chance post a travel iternary of all the places you are going and for how long would love to know all :)
    Much love from Ireland

  8. it looks so beautiful!! love your pink lipstick!

  9. looks like you got the spirit of the greek sunny summer holidays!
    enjoy the rest of your stay!
    absolutely adore your photos!!!

    athens, greece

  10. what lipstick are you using?! i am falling in love with that shade of pink!

  11. The water is so clear and beautiful. I love the pictures. Reminds me of home.

  12. Your lipstick colour is stunning! So summery. x